Sunday, March 27, 2011

psychedelic night at MGMT!

been waiting for them to come here for years..finally..but a week after my accident,so i was kinda not in the "having helluva fun" mood.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

near death experience.

13th March 2011
on the way back home from work in Cyber.just right after i bent down to get my phone,i got up and see the flames in front of me,i ran out of the car,barefoot.leaving my Beloved Bimbo (my pink dslr),ALL my shoes,because my car was literally my wardrobe,and everything else inside. but i am blessed to get out alive,thank you Allah.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Broken Social Scene Live

+ Lisa Lobsinger is just too cute!!ahahah..but sure cant compare with Feist and Emily..

P/s: There are 4 guys that u can recognized from the movie "Time Traveller's Wife"..referrin to yesterdays blog!

Dream On!

I..(state my real name here)..would like to confess..that these guys below..are my dream guys..i would emphasize on the "dream" part..all these things/ppl/idols i listed below..would be effin awesome if in reality i could find one with all this combinations.heheh..*pinch me back to reality..but a girl can only gimme a break...

1. Musicians - Frontmen and Bassists
I always have this thang towards musicians..i always find em attractive..rocking the mic..or tapping the bass..singing one heavy song and the next minute a song that can melt u habis...
Like this guy down here,

+ Brandon Boyd. The Ultimate Definition of SEXY!

+ Ben Kenney. The Most Good Looking Talented Black Guy.

+ Mr Bf.fine.
yes.i really like seeing bassists,tapping those strings.nuff said.

+ Daniel Johns.the voice.

More coming.....


yes,i love Azan so much.its been 3 years.we will always be good friends

Thursday, March 3, 2011

i know,i know i just watched this movie! late.I just watched the Time Travellers Wife..sob sob..and i loved it even more when i saw the 4 guys on stage singing Joy Division's "Love will tear us apart"...kevin,brendan,andrew and justin..sexayhhh!

The Time Traveller's Wife - First Dance

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



"So tell me who's your idol,your favourite architect?"

"Zaha Hadid"

"Cesar Pelli"




"So tell me who's your idol,your favourite architect?"

"Zaha Hadid.and the person who created the waterfall (jari pusing2)"

"God?" haha

"no!the waterfall!!!"

"OH,you mean the Fallingwater!!"

"no,i call it the waterfall!!"

"hahaha..yeah i think you mean the Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright!"

"yeah!Frank Lloyd!"

"Lloyd is the middle name!!"

"No,Lloyd is his last name"




The two students were still arguing on whether Lloyd was his last name or middle name!

"Frank Lloyd Wright la demmit!"


What a day!

Wish You Were Here

above : mama.

below : me

Chic Pop 6

Thanks Tongue In Chic!

+ Jumpsuit - Stellar Vintage

+ Shoes - Vintage

+ Camera - Pentax KR named Bimbo

+ Mood - Selekeh