Friday, March 4, 2011

Dream On!

I..(state my real name here)..would like to confess..that these guys below..are my dream guys..i would emphasize on the "dream" part..all these things/ppl/idols i listed below..would be effin awesome if in reality i could find one with all this combinations.heheh..*pinch me back to reality..but a girl can only gimme a break...

1. Musicians - Frontmen and Bassists
I always have this thang towards musicians..i always find em attractive..rocking the mic..or tapping the bass..singing one heavy song and the next minute a song that can melt u habis...
Like this guy down here,

+ Brandon Boyd. The Ultimate Definition of SEXY!

+ Ben Kenney. The Most Good Looking Talented Black Guy.

+ Mr Bf.fine.
yes.i really like seeing bassists,tapping those strings.nuff said.

+ Daniel Johns.the voice.

More coming.....

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